Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzers

  Applications include,

  • Oxygen purity monitoring
  • Oxygen generators
  • Medical gas
  • Heat treatment atmospheres
  • Flue gas monitoring

Rack mount version
  The PROA range of oxygen analyzers combines paramagnetic oxygen sensor technology, microprocessor electronics and touchscreen technology for state of the art oxygen measurement

  • Physical sensor - unlimited lifetime
  • High stability
  • Fast response
  • Data storage

Touchscreen technology
  Options include

  • Separate module for power interface
  • Memory extension by SRAM card
  • SRAM driver to be connected to PC for data transfer and processing


PROA MP-R Rack mount version
PROA MP-R100 Rack mount version with barometric pressure compensation
PROA-R Rack mount with pre-set ranges
PROA-P Portable with pre-set ranges
PROA-M Wall mount with pre-set ranges

cmc Instruments offers a wide selection of gas analyzers and gas purifiers based on their experience in air separation and process industries. Also find Trace Moisture Analyzers in the Products section for ppm H2O measurement in gases.

Friendly sales engineers are waiting to discuss your application.

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