Process Gas Analyzers


  • Oxygen analysers
  • Thermal conductivity analysers for hydrogen (H2), helium (He), noble gases, sulphur hexafluoride (SF6)
  • NDIR analysers for CH4, CO and CO2
  • Application specific analysers

Applications include,

  • Biogas, landfill and digester gas
  • Hydrogen in chlorine, chlor alkali industry
  • Power generation and supply
  • Flame treatment, heat treatment
  • Gas mixing
  • Gasification and syngas
  • Inert gas systems
  • Window filling

  Biogas analyzer, for landfill or digester gas

  • Methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), and oxygen (O2)
  • ATEX Zone 2
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Robust, weatherproof design
  • Field service friendly
  • Wireless option, 2-, 3- or 4-gas option

  Hydrogen and chlorine analyzer for chlorine manufacture

  • Works during start-up
  • Systems for "wet" chlorine, "dry" chlorine, tail gas and hypo plant outlet
  • Unique, dual sensor technology
  • Benign, surrogate gas calibration
  • Low maintenance sample systems available

  Hydrogen purity and purge gas analyzers for power stations

  • Three range analyzer for hydrogen purity and both stages of CO2 purge cycle
  • ATEX panel mount and portable versions
  • Easy retrofit, low maintenance
  • Sample conditioning systems (optional)

  Oxygen analyzers, zirconia fast response sensors or inexpensive electrochemical cell versions

  • Zirconia, fast response sensor, ideal for ppm measurement
  • Electrochemical cells for reliable, inexpensive measurement
  • Choice of electrochemical cell for different applications and ranges
  • Remote or close coupled sensors
  • Hazardous area versions available

  Thermal conductivity analyzers

  • Measured gases include: H2, He, Ar, CO2, SF6 Kr, Ne and Xe
  • Preferred technology for % hydrogen measurement
  • Non-depleting sensor, corrosive gas versions
  • Portable and hazardous area versions available

  NDIR gas analyzers, continuous measurement of methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2) or carbon monoxide (CO)

  • Wall mount, choice of ranges
  • Non-depleting, long life sensors
  • Integral sample pump and filter
  • Dual wavelength for stability and accuracy

  Window (IG) filling machines

  • Models for argon, xenon and krypton
  • 10, 30 or 60 l/min fill rates
  • 1 or 2 hole, horizontal or vertical filling
  • Non-depleting sensor with 5 year warranty

cmc Instruments offers a wide selection of gas analyzers and gas purifiers based on their experience in air separation and process industries. Also find Trace Moisture Analyzers in the Products section for ppm H2O measurement in gases.

Friendly sales engineers are waiting to discuss your application.

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