Diaphragm Valves and Fitting

  • For Gas Chromatography
  • For analytic instrumentation
  • Elimination of any death volume
  • Purging sealing grooves design
  • Usable with liquid or gas fluid media

Applications include,

  • Gas Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography
  • On-line Gas analyzer
  • Continuous flow analyzer/Various sampling system
  • Sample preparation system/ Sample concentration system
  • Total organic compound analyzer
  • and more

  High performance GC Diapraghm Valves

  • Elimination of any death volume effect
  • Multiple configurations
  • Purging/sealing grooves design
  • Constant port pressure drop vacuum operation

  Positive port shut off Diapraghm valves for analytic instrumentation

  • Usable with liquid or gas fluid media
  • Purging/sealing grooves design
  • Working pressure from vacuum to high pressure load


  • No dead volume effect
  • Interchangeable
  • Leak tested
  • No clamp ring required for mounting tees and crosses
  • No tubing deformation

cmc Instruments offers a wide selection of gas analyzers and gas purifiers based on their experience in air separation and process industries. Also find Trace Moisture Analyzers in the Products section for ppm H2O measurement in gases.

Friendly sales engineers are waiting to discuss your application.

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