Condition Based Maintenance and Identification of the next Oil Exchange in Offshore Wind Turbines with WearSens®

Condition Monitoring System, Oil Condition Monitoring, Oil Condition Monitor, Gearbox Damage Prevention, Bearing Failure, Wear Detection

CMS and CBM of Offshore Wind Turbines
  • Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)
  • Online Condition Monitoring System (CMS)

Service-Container Unit (SWOC 1.0)
  Service-Container Unit (SWOC 1.0):

  • enables Offshore oil exchanges
  • Fully certified DNV GL
  • Can be adapted to CTW or SOV Vessel
  • closed and indeptendent system

WearSens® detects early changes in the "quality of the machine" from day 1 - before damage occurs. This represents a great improvement on vibration monitoring systems, oil particle analyzers and oil filtration systems which detect after damage occurs. By the continuous online measurements 24/7 the oil degradation and critical operation conditions are monitored reliably. This allows the determination of the next oil exchange - condition based! So you only change the oil, when it is necessary! By this it is possible to increase the oil exchange interval, save money and preserve resources and environment.

cmc Instruments enables this new monitoring tool for offshore wind turbines together with their industrial partner Speedwind Offshore GmbH , who are experts in the field of offshore oil exchanges & maintenance.


 CBM with WearSens® (Flyer)


 WearSens® - The Condition Monitoring Solution
 Offshore Oil exchange

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