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cmc Instruments GmbH is a successful manufacturer of gas generators, trace moisture analysers, filters and the WearSens® WS 3000, an unique oil condition monitoring system, setting new standards for online oil analysis.

cmc Instruments is an expert at analytical measuring techniques offering a wide variety of complete solutions. All cmc Instruments products are designed and manufactured in Germany with the quality associated with the 'Made in Germany' brand.

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Online Condition Monitoring

of Wind Turbines with WearSens® WS 3000

Wind turbine monitoring onshore offshore

The demand for wind energy grows at exponential rates. At the same time improving reliability, reduced operation and maintenance costs are the key priorities in wind turbine maintenance strategies. This website provides information about a novel online oil condition monitoring system to give you a solution to the mentioned priorities.

WearSens® WS 3000 enables damage prevention of the wind turbine gearbox by an advanced warning time of critical operation conditions and an enhanced oil exchange interval realized by a precise measurement of the electrical conductivity, the relative permittivity and the oil temperature – setting new standards in terms of accuracy, sensitivity and resolution.

WearSens® WS 3000 is an online, continuous system for oil condition monitoring. This permits the reliable detection of incipient damage and the early identification of critical lubrication conditions of bearings and other transmission elements in the gearbox..

Onlince Condition Monitoring

  • Early indication of oil changes
  • Load optimization
  • Damage prevention in real time
  • WearSens® works from day 1, prior to other technologies limits of detection
  • Continuous evaluation of component wear, the degradation of the additives and tribological layers as well as the pollution and aging of the lubricating oil

Huge savings in:

  • Money
  • Downtime
  • Man Hours

Identification of:

  • Critical operation conditions
  • Oil aging
  • Additive consumption
  • Deterioration in oil
  • Oil contamination


  • Robust communication unit (IP 68 standard)
  • Patented temperature compensation
  • Continuous online monitoring 24/7 to CMS server
  • Easy to retrofit into existing wind turbine systems
  • Industrial standard interfaces (RS232, LAN, Profibus, ...)
The specialist for the service of oil changes on wind power stations
Figure 1: Existing sensor technologies such as optical particle measurement or vibration sensors can detect particles only after the occurrence of damage.

Condition Based Maintenance

of Wind Turbines with WearSens® WS 3000

Reduce costs - minimize downtimes - oil change on demand!

The field of maintenance can be divided into three sectors: preventive, condition-based and reactive maintenance (run to failure), which show different dependencies between costs and number of failures. Figure 2 shows the costs associated with the different strategies. From this graph, the optimal point in terms of costs and number of failures can be identified within the centre of the intelligent maintenance sector; condition based maintenance is enabled with the online oil condition monitoring solution WearSens® WS 3000 by indicating the next oil change. Due to the new developments of lubricant and gearbox manufacturers enabling operation times of > 5 years, it is getting even more important to monitor the oil condition in real time.

Prevent expensive downtimes and additional maintenance costs!

Smart and proven tool for lower risk and more safety of the asset:

  • More safety compared to the actual periodical offline oil analysis in offshore wind parks --> Online oil monitoring enables offline lab reports on demand.
  • Less risk for the end customer.
  • In the test and development phase of the gears and bearings on test benches, the sensor supplies essential statements on wear mechanisms. Correlation of test protocols results in component optimization

Extended oil change interval:

  • Early indication for an oil exchange on demand, condition based
  • Reduce costs
  • Increase life time
  • Preserve the environment
  • Protect resources.

Perform your offshore oil exchange with the professionals from Speedwind Offshore.

The SWOC 1.0 container is a twenty-sfoot equivalent unit, fully certified by DNV GL 2.7-1 and DNV GL 2.7-2. The container is equipped with two separate hose systems and individually fills the gear and hydraulic system. The container is furnished with a protection system that prevents demolish of line, so that oil cannot leak and harm the environment. The gear oil becomes heated up to 50°C in the self-contained system before the pumping process starts. This operation is necessary to prevent thermal damage.

Figure 2: Costs associated with traditional maintenance strategies

(P. Tchakoua 2014).

Figure 3: Speedwind Offshore Container SWOC 1.0.


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