Can I be a distributor for cmc Instruments?

We are expanding our international distributor network and welcome new enquiries from interested parties. Please send a company profile together with your assessment of your local market and the products you are interested in selling.

What are your delivery times?

Standard gas generators and trace moisture analyzers have short delivery times. Replacement sensors, filters and filter elements are usually ex stock.

Can I get technical advice by telephone?

Yes. During normal working hours we always have trained sales engineers available to take your call. No automated systems - you talk to real people immediately.

What references can you give?

Our products have been used for many years in various industries and most industrialised countries. Please contact us for references relevant to your market and location.

Can you send a service engineer to our site?

We can often provide installation, calibration and service on site. Most problems can be diagnosed by phone or email and replacement parts despatched.

I am interested in your products. Can you make an on-site presentation?

We will be happy to visit you personally in Germany and internationally with the help of our distributor network.

Where are your products made?

All cmc Instruments products are designed and manufactured in Germany to the highest quality.

Gas Generators

What are the advantages of gas generators?

Consistent quality, no more cylinders in the lab, safety in handling and cost savings.

Do I need to purchase a service contract or extended warranty for my nitrogen generator?

No. The cmc Instruments approach means that the only service required on the generator is a simple, annual filter change. Cost of ownership of a cmc Instruments gas generator is unrivalled.

Can I use a generator for combustion air?

Yes, instead of synthetic air from bottles we can offer high quality zero air generators for your FID – saving you money in the long term.

Is the air from zero air generators different to synthetic air from cylinders?

The quality is better, the costs are lower. The air from our zero-air generator has a stable lower hydrocarbon content.

Trace Moisture Analysis

My gas stream is highly corrosive and/or combustible. Can I measure trace moisture in this gas reliably?

This is exactly where cmc Instruments trace moisture analyzers are designed to work e.g. chlorine (Cl2), sulphur dioxide (SO2), hydrogen chloride (HCl), hydrogen (H2), methane (CH4).

Are there any gas streams in which you cannot measure trace moisture?

Ammonia is the only common gas in which our trace moisture analyzers will not work.

Is there a choice of system for trace moisture analysis?

Yes, lots of it! Different configurations of analyser, different cell housings and different sample systems are just some of the choices. We are a real manufacturer so if you don’t see what you require we can often make it especially for you.

Gas Analyzers

What ranges can I measure?

Especially in pure gases, we can measure trace (ppb) amounts of oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, methane, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. We have different process gas analysis solutions for percent (%) levels through ppm to ppb.


What filters do you offer?

Filters for gas and liquid filtration.

Are your filter elements compatible with other manufacturers?

All our filter elements, whether fibre, activated carbon or stainless steel can be used in the standard enclosures of almost every manufacturer.

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