Column Cooler/Dryer System

  • Condensation at the sampling point
  • Construction made of different columns
  • Air or water cooling system (no electrical requirements)
  • Suitable for hazardous areas
  • Suitable for high pressure gases and high moisture content
  • For corrosive or aggressive gases

Applications include,

  • Chlor alkali plants - PVDF version
  • Biogas plants - SSF version
  • and other more

Principle of operation

The column cooler/dryer system is made of high-grade steel or PVDF and used as a vertical assembly employing the so-called counter-current principle. The sample gas flows from the bottom up through the cooler. As it does so, the dewpoint of the gas will decrease and condensate will be separate out of the streaming medium. The lowering of temperature, the cooling effect, is achieved mainly by a cooling spiral of stainless steel or a double walled PVDF cylinder. Air or water can be used as cooling media. The sample and the cooling medium are separated at all times. A controlled condensation is the result and the droplets formed on the wall surfaces flow down, back into the process. The drain at the bottom can be connected directly to the process.

The construction

The modular construction is of three consecutive columns and each has a separate, complementary effect on the chemical and physical conditions from the sampling point. Starting with the separator column, gas is taken from the process and flows into the first column. The gas is 'calmed', freed from eddies. Then the gas flows through the cooling system. The dewpoint of the gas is decreased by an air vortex cooler or by cool water. Finally, it flows into the third column, the demister, which is filled with glass balls. These glass balls have a large surface to volume ratio resulting in further condensation. The gas exits by a 1/4" connection fitting to the analyser or other device. The column cooler dryer system is assembled vertically at a process line with a choice of different connection caps or flanges.

The Vortex cooling system

A vortex cooling system is a mechanical device that separates gas into hot and cold streams. Pressurized gas is injected tangentially into a swirl chamber and accelerated to a high rate of rotation. Due to the conical nozzle at the end of the tube, only the outer shell of the compressed gas, the warm stream, is allowed to escape at that end. The remainder of the gas, the cool stream, is forced to return in an inner vortex of reduced diameter within the outer vortex. This cool stream is then passed through a spiral column to cool the required medium. No moving parts and no electrical connections make it ideal for hazardous area situations.

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