MicraGold Filter Housings

  • Compressed air filtration
  • Vacuum pump exhaust filtration
  • Vacuum pump intake filtration
  • Instrumentation filtration
  • Gas analysis
  • Pre-filtration
  • OEM applications

MicraGold is a range of filter housings for use in compressed air or vacuum applications. The precision machined aluminium filter housings are anodised in a distinctive gold colour to give complete corrosion protection. Transparent plastic filter bowls are available for those applications requiring visual monitoring or observation of filter performance. Each filter housing is supplied complete with a MicraLescer filter element of your choice, simply specify the grade required when ordering.

Designed and manufactured to high specifications, MicraGold is available in two pressure ranges. The 10 barg range utilises an aluminium head with a transparent polycarbonate bowl whilst the higher pressure 16 barg range has head and bowl made from aluminium. All filters are supplied with a manual drain as standard.

MicraGold filters are most economic in operation as they use low cost MicraLescer filter tubes. In particular these filter tubes are strongly recommended for removing high dirt load concentrations or in any other application where frequent filter element change-out is required. MicraLescer filter tubes contain no metal or plastic parts and are made from borosilicate glass microfibre, which can be easily crushed for disposal.

cmc Instruments manufacture a full range of gas generators for nitrogen (both membrane and PSA technology), hydrogen, zero air, purge gas and TOC gas. Applications are found in LC-MS laboratories, GC laboratories, FT-IR spectroscopy, total hydrocarbon analysis (THA), industrial purging and many more.

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