MicraFilter Filter Elements

  Sample Conditioning for Gas Analysis


  • Particulate removal in gases/liquids

  • Removal of sub-micron liquid droplets

  • Robust, corrosion and temperature resistant

  • Disposable, low cost analyzer protection

  • Removal of trace gas by adsorption

  MicraTubes are high efficiency, self supporting, self gasketing, resin bonded, low cost, borosilicate glass microfibre filter tubes. Suitable for most industrial, medical and instrumentation applications in gases or liquids. MicraTubes can be used at high pressure, low pressure and under vacuum at temperatures up to 500 °C. Standard MicraTubes use a fluorocarbon binder, giving exceptional chemical resistance. Other binder options are available to suit exact operating conditions. An acrylic based Alpha binder is suitable for the general purpose analyser market. A silicone binder gives a pure white tube with very high temperature resistance.

  MicraLescers are self-supporting, fluorocarbon resin bonded, borosilicate glass microfibre filter tubes. Designed to coalesce liquid droplets, they are suitable for use in gas and some liquid applications. Typical applications include two phase separation e.g. oil and water aerosol from gases (or gas), oil from water and water from oil. MicraLescers are supplied in sealed boxes of ten. Stainless steel support cores are available upon request.

  MicraMesh filters are precision made, woven stainless steel mesh tubes, providing very accurate micron filtration for both gas and liquid applications. Each MicraMesh tube is manufactured from five varying grades of woven mesh, seam welded and sintered together forming a rigid high quality filter element. A great benefit of this construction is that it is re-useable after washing, ultrasonic cleaning or by backflushing. The MicraMesh filter tubes are both corrosion and temperature resistant, able to operate between -270 °C and 480 °C. These versatile filter tubes are available in a wide range of micron efficiencies from 1 micron to 100 micron and with exceptionally high open area they offer very low differential pressure loss. These versatile filter tubes are available in a wide range of micron efficiencies from 1 micron to 100 micron and with exceptionally high open area they offer very low differential pressure loss. MicraMesh tubes can withstand high differential pressures in the region of 50 bar which also makes them ideal for high pressure filtration.

  MicraDif disposable in-line filters are typically used to protect gas analyser and other types of sensitive instrumentation from particulate contamination. These low cost disposable filters can also be used in many other compressed, vacuum or liquid applications. Each MicraDif clear nylon filter housing contains a permanently sealed size 1232 Kynar impregnated MicraTube available in five grades of efficiency, depending upon the application. The MicraDif is designed to push fit into flexible tubing for vacuum and low pressure applications or to fit couplings for higher pressures up to 9 barg.

  MicraSorb disposable in-line filters are ideally suited for the removal of trace extraneous vapours present in gas analyser samples, for the removal of vapour contamination in laboratory applications and the clean up of instrument or actuator air supplies. The flow rates shown below are based an a 2 barg (30 psig) operating pressure. MicraSorb filters are individually heat sealed in polythene packaging and supplied in a box of ten.

cmc Instruments manufacture a full range of gas generators for nitrogen (both membrane and PSA technology), hydrogen, zero air, purge gas and TOC gas. Applications are found in LC-MS laboratories, GC laboratories, FT-IR spectroscopy, total hydrocarbon analysis (THA), industrial purging and many more.

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