Nitrogen-Membrane-Generators (LCMS)

Stickstoffgenerator, Stickstoffgeneratoren, Gas Generator, Nitrogen Gas Generator, Nitrogen Generator, PSA Nitrogen Gas Generator

  • Best in class membrane
  • No service contract necessary
  • No need for costly extended warranty
  • Lowest cost of ownership

Nitrogen generators for LC-MS applications

  • 99.5% Nitrogen continuous high flow
  • Choice of models for single or multiple LC-MS supply
  • Easy to use controls and displays
  • Best in class membrane
  • Lowest cost of ownership

Nitrogen generators from cmc Instruments are designed with longevity in mind. The NGM series uses membrane technology to provide up to 99.5% nitrogen with a continuous, high flow rate.

A better generator - everything about a cmc generator is quality. The membrane, designed and engineered by cmc Instruments, is "best in class". The excellent ratio consumes less compressed air and the significant savings further reduce the cost of ownership.

A better system - an integral compressor risks heat and/or vibration and/or condensation affecting both the quality of the gas and the lifetime of the system. It looks convenient but you are paying for years. cmc Instruments approach is to use a remote compressor or in-house compressed air supply.

Different fittings and outlets are available to make the nitrogen generator instantly compatible with your LC-MS. cmc Instruments nitrogen generators have been successfully installed on all leading manufacturers instruments including AB Sciex, Thermo Fisher, Waters, Agilent/Varian, Shimadzu and Bruker.

  cmc Instruments manufacture a full range of gas generators for nitrogen (both membrane and PSA technology), hydrogen, zero air, purge gas and TOC gas. Applications are found in LC-MS laboratories, GC laboratories, FT-IR spectroscopy, total hydrocarbon analysis (THA), industrial purging and many more.



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