• TOC Analysers, burn and carrier gas
  • GC-FID
  • UHP air requirements

TG series TOC gas generators

  • THC < 0.05 ppm (as methane), CO2 < 1 ppm, H2O < 1 ppm
  • Flat baselines, high performance
  • Safer and less expensive than cylinders
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Virtually maintenance free

TOC gas generators from cmc Instruments are designed for a stress free life. The TG series are quiet, easy to install and delivered as complete units. Constant, high purity, gas for TOC analysis you can rely on.

For GC-FID applications requiring low H2O the TG series can be configured to provide this specification with steady flow.

Catalytic oxidation and PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology are used to remove hydrocarbons and CO2/H2O respectively. The compressed air has first been filtered to remove any water, oil, dust and aerosol. The outlet filter ensures no particles produced or introduced in the generator are transported to the analyser. The clear bowl filters allow easy inspection and maintenance. This guarantees reliable, ultra pure purge gas production.

Customise your cmc Instruments generator with the features you want. TG Smart options include flowmeter, pressure gauges, failure indications and alarms from gas, water and power supply together with automatic switchover to cylinders in case of system failure.

  cmc Instruments manufacture a full range of gas generators for nitrogen (both membrane and PSA technology), hydrogen, zero air, purge gas and TOC gas. Applications are found in LC-MS laboratories, GC laboratories, FT-IR spectroscopy, total hydrocarbon analysis (THA), industrial purging and many more.



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