11. 04. 2013

Wanted: Distributors for market leading products

Following many years of success in the home market of Germany, cmc Instruments GmbH is now looking to strengthen the international distributor network for different ranges of products. Some of these products are market leaders in Germany and others represent the latest technological advances. What is common is that they are all designed and made in Germany to the the same high standard.

OilQSens® and WearSens® represent the very latest advances in oil condition monitoring. No longer do you have to wait until vibrations can be detected or particles measured. OilQSens® and WearSens® will detect critical changes in oil which lead to damage later. Developed in association with well known names in German academia these products find applications in wind turbines, high voltage transformers, roller bearings and many industrial ‘oil - machine’ systems.

Trace moisture analysers from cmc Instruments use the phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) sensor technology as prescribed by the European Pharmacopeia and suitable for corrosive gases in chlor alkali plants or the semiconductor industry.

The star of the gas generator range is the membrane type, nitrogen generator, used extensively for LC-MS applications. The cmc Instruments system makes these products a long life system with no need for expensive service contracts. The quality and reliability have cmc Instruments nitrogen generators have made them market leader in Germany, the choice of AB Sciex, Waters, Thermo Fischer, Agilent, Shimadzu and most of the leading manufacturers of LC-MS instruments. The full range of generators includes hydrogen, zero air, nitrogen (PSA type), TOC and purge gas versions.

cmc Instruments has also been successful internationally but is now looking strengthen and ‘fill in the gaps’ of its distributor network. Distributors interested in promoting, selling and supporting quality products at fair prices are invited to apply. Please send a mail to

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