27. 11. 2013

WearSens® - ASME 2013 GAS TURBINE INDIA CONFERENCE - Presentation

We invite you to attend the presentation "IDENTIFICATION OF CRITICAL OPERATING CONDITIONS WHICH LEAD TO PREMATURE FAILURES OF GEARBOX COMPONENTS DUE TO VIBRATION BY EARLY DETECTION OF THE AGING OF THE LUBRICATING OIL BEFORE MATERIAL DAMAGE OCCURS" by Dr.-Ing. Manfred R. Mauntz, on Friday 06th of December, starting at 04:30pm, at CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore, Karnataka, India. (Conference website) .


Key factors in the choice of WearSens® are,

- extremely early warning of potential failures and critical operation conditions, significantly earlier than other technologies

- highly sensitive detection, showing changes in oil - before additives mask underlying problems

- cmc Instruments work with academic partners to fully understand the multi-stage process of wear and damage

- use of data to optimise load against wear

WearSens® is easy to install or retro-fit with a choice of inline or flow through measurement. It can be integrated into condition monitoring systems or used as a stand alone system. The decentralised, web based monitoring system makes results available anywhere in the world.

cmc Instruments manufacture trace moisture analysers, nitrogen generators for LC-MS applications, filter systems for process gases and the new WearSens® and OilQSens® - patented, online systems for condition monitoring in roller bearings, gears and transformers.

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