2. 8. 2012

High quality hydrogen generators

Hydrogen generators often disappoint - although nowadays helium price and availability make them necessary for carrier gas applications.

Unlike other types of gas generator, H2 generators involve flowing water, electricity, heat and an explosive gas. There is plenty that can go wrong.

cmc Instruments have been designing and manufacturing all their gas generators in Germany, a country synonymous with quality and reliability, over many years. Isn't that reassuring?

The HG hydrogen generator range is available in different capacities and a choice of rack or desktop format. They can all be customised to add the different safety and control features that you want (and not the ones you don't want).

Less expensive models are available for the 'burning gas' applications.

At cmc Instruments we believe that it is not how much you pay on day 1 that matters. It is the years of service, the cost of ownership and lowest possible downtime that are most important. That's why we believe our hydrogen generators are the best.

If you have a current requirement or just want to learn more please contact us today or visit the website Hydrogen generators .

cmc Instruments manufacture a wide range of gas generators including nitrogen generators for LC-MS applications and hydrogen generators for GC applications, as well as trace moisture analysers for corrosive atmospheres, filter systems for process gases and the new WearSens® and OilQSens® - a patented, online condition monitoring system for use in roller bearings, gears and transformers.

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