7. 11. 2012

Transformer oil quality - online, continuous, plug-and-play

Oil quality in high voltage transformers is critical to both safety and efficiency. OilQSens® from cmc Instruments GmbH is a unique, new oil condition monitor, online and continuous. It detects changes in oil quality much earlier than traditional technologies such as dissolved gas analysis (DGA).

For established power supply companies, asset protection is key to their profitability. Predictive maintenance clearly has benefits over rigid inspection and maintenance intervals. OilQSens® detects changes inn transformers earlier and more sensitive than other technologies.

Compared to Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA) the measurement is continuous not sampling, requires no consumables, is virtually maintenance free, requires no technical skill to operate and yet is as much as half the price of leading DGA brands.

OilQSens® is set to become the new standard for continuous monitoring of transformer oil quality. It accurately shows the aging of oil and also directly correlates to water in oil. The readings are fully temperature compensated for accurate comparison of data over long periods of time.

OilQSens® is easy to install or retro-fit. The decentralised, web based monitoring system makes results available anywhere in the world.

cmc Instruments GmbH manufacture trace moisture analysers, gas generators, filter systems for process gases and the new OilQSens® and WearSens® - patented, online system for oil condition monitoring in different applications.

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