20. 1. 2012

Oil condition monitoring - from start-up

The new OilQSens® from cmc Instruments GmbH is a unique oil condition monitor, online and continuous. Unlike traditional technologies such as vibration and particle measurement which only work after damage has begun, the ultra-sensitive OilQSens® can detect early signs of contamination and chemical aging - before actual damage occurs. High precision oil condition monitoring can be used to optimise load versus damage, accurately show additive consumption and predict the need for timely preventative maintenance instead of rigid inspection intervals. Thus savings can result from reduced downtime, accurate oil changes and reduced wear.

OilQSens® takes three independent measurements to monitor the complex impedance of the oil, the additives and the pollutants. Conductivity (in picosiemens per metre), permittivity and temperature are measured. Both conductivity and permittivity are temperature dependent and for comparison, values need to be compared at a reference temperature. Industrial oils will contain an unknown quantity of pollutants whose effect is unknown, so this is not straightforward. The OilQSens® employs a self-learning, adaptive temperature algorithm to increase precision.

OilQSens® is easy to install or retro-fit with a choice of inline or flow through measurement. The decentralised, web based monitoring system makes results available anywhere in the world.

Applications for the OilQSens® include any system where oil quality can deteriorate over time affecting the quality of the machine. Wind turbines, high voltage transformers, large gearboxes and any equipment with roller bearings are just some of the markets that will benefit.

cmc Instruments manufacture trace moisture analysers, nitrogen generators for LC-MS applications, filter systems for process gases and the new OilQSens® - a patented, online system for early detection of oil quality deterioration in roller bearings, gears and transformers.

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