28. 3. 2012

Trace Moisture Analysis in Corrosive Gases

Moisture measurement in corrosive gases is not straightforward. cmc Instruments GmbH is a specialist manufacturer of trace moisture analysers for these more challenging applications. The versatile, proven phosphorus pentoxide sensor technology combines fast, accurate readings with a long lifetime.

Unlike some other, more expensive technologies, analysers are available both fixed and portable. This enables multiple checks around a plant with a single analyser. Likewise the sample systems, if required, can be fixed or portable.

Trace moisture is a critical measurement on chlor alkali plants so all standard sensors are available ex-stock. Sensors are made in Monel or Hastelloy or PFA (with further options for non-corrosive applications). There is also a choice of fittings - 6mm or ¼", a choice of seals - Viton, FEP or Kalrez and electrodes in platinum or rhodium. Sensors from cmc Instruments can also be retro-fitted to most other manufacturers analysers.

For chlorine applications Monel with Viton seals is the most popular option, whilst Hastelloy with FEP seals is generally used for hydrogen chloride applications. Welding of Monel requires specialised skills. All cmc Instruments products are made in Germany and uphold the reputation of German quality which is understood globally.

cmc Instruments manufacture trace moisture analysers, nitrogen generators for LC-MS applications, filter systems for process gases and the new WearSens® and OilQSens® - a patented, online system for early detection of oil quality deterioration in roller bearings, gears and transformers.

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