cmc Instruments GmbH is your partner for all questions of process analytics. Our engineers develop optimal applications for your analytical problems. This includes the sampling, sample preparation and the evaporation of a reliable analytic system. On the basis of our long standing work for the petrochemical, chemical industry as well as pharmaceutical and automotive industry we have great experience in the design of analytical systems. Referring to process analytical applications in your plant, cmc Instruments GmbH is your partner with respect to engineering, redesign and realisation. Our scope of supply ranges from simple sample conditioning systems mounted on a structure designed for wall or rack mounting up to completely equipped analyser cabinets.  

  Being an particularly independent company, each installed according to the respective vendors details and tailored to meet your requirements. We can supply lab sample systems installed in protection housing for field mounting in order to pre-condition the sample before removing sample or running to an analyser. Analyser calibration systems either designed for manual calibration, automatically operated from the analyser. Analyser data can be either be transmitted as 4-20 mA analogue signal, or via serial port in accordance with your requirements and used analyser.

We use high quality products and approved components of the most modern technique! Materials are always chosen with respect to the medium handled and with regard for suitability and durability. Having worked with many customers in chemical and petrochemical industries we know the problems involved regarding human safety, explosion protection and fire protection. Therefore we manufacture analyser cabinets made from reinforced polyester, stainless steel or concrete, equipped with monitoring and alarm device, with artificial ventilation or pressurization according to the international regulations.

After completion all systems are subjected to functional tests. We are testing all components and the whole application for leackages in our works in Eschborn. After delivery experienced specialists form cmc Instruments can help you with the commissioning and start-up assistance. We can co-ordinated specialists labour at site for system engineers/technicians of analysers and safety components e.g. LEL detectors and alarm units. Thus the whole job can be made into a turn key project for you with optimal security and cost saving.

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