Feuchtemessgerät, Feuchtespurenmessgerät, Trace Moisture Analyser, Trace Moisture Analyser, Moisture in Chlorine

  • Chlor alkali industry
  • Corrosive gas atmospheres, chlorine (Cl2) and hydrogen chloride (HCl)
  • Medical oxygen (O2) according to European Pharmacopoeia
  • Combustible gases, CH4, H2, (Ex version)

TMA-202 series trace moisture analyzers, fixed and portable, for ppm H2O measurement in corrosive gases and medical oxygen (O2)

The TMA-202 series is designed for low flow of sample gas and with an easily refurbished sensor for many years of use in the most harsh conditions. This makes it ideal for fixed use in chlor alkali plants, for instance. Complete sample systems available.

  It's all about choice,

  • Fixed or portable, rack mount, wall mount, bench top and portable configurations
  • Sensor housings in Monel (recommended for chlorine), Hastelloy (recommended for hydrogen chloride), stainless steel (recommended for medical oxygen), PFA and glass
  • Sensors in platinum or rhodium
  • Sample systems, simple or complex

Small portable sample system
  Sample systems can be simple or complex. For portable, non- continuous use a lightweight system is perfect. For continuous use the sample system is usually housed in an enclosure with a purge option.

All system components are designed to withstand the most corrosive gases. For instance, PVDF flowmeters, Viton seals and PFA tubing are standard. Fittings are available in 6mm or 1/4"NPTF.

  Also in the range,

  • TMA-204 series, fixed and portable trace moisture analyzers with fast response and low flow - ideal for continuous measurement in clean gases
  • TMA-210 series, fixed and portable, fast response trace moisture analyzers - ideal for fast response with easy cleaning
  • All rack mount models are available with optional dual display for redundancy or comparison of lines
  • TMA-210-P-IP-54 designed for rugged, portable use by plant operators.



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