Feuchtemessgerät, Feuchtespurenmessgerät, Trace Moisture Analyser, Trace Moisture Analyser, Moisture in Chlorine

  • Chlor alkali industry
  • Corrosive gas atmospheres, chlorine (Cl2) and hydrogen chloride (HCl)
  • Medical oxygen (O2) according to European Pharmacopoeia
  • Combustible gases, CH4, H2, (Ex version)

TMA-204 series trace moisture analyzers, fixed and portable, for ppm H2O measurement in corrosive gases and medical oxygen (O2)

The TMA-204 series is designed for fast response where a low flow of sample gas is also required. This makes it ideal for continuous, fixed use in critical response situations.

  It's all about choice,

  • Fixed or portable, rack mount, wall mount, bench top and portable configurations
  • Sensor housings in Monel (recommended for chlorine), Hastelloy (recommended for hydrogen chloride), stainless steel (recommended for medical oxygen), PFA and glass
  • Sensors in platinum or rhodium
  • Sample systems, simple or complex

A typical sample system
  Sample systems can be simple or complex. For portable, non- continuous use a lightweight system is perfect. For continuous use the sample system is usually housed in an enclosure with a purge option.

All system components are designed to withstand the most corrosive gases. For instance, PVDF flowmeters, Viton seals and PFA tubing are standard. Fittings are available in 6mm or 1/4"NPTF.

  Also in the range,

  • TMA-202 series, fixed and portable trace moisture analyzers with low flow - ideal for continuous measurement with easy sensor refurbishment
  • TMA-210 series, fixed and portable, fast response trace moisture analyzers - ideal for fast response with easy cleaning
  • All rack mount models are available with optional dual display for redundancy or comparison of lines
  • TMA-210-P-IP-54 designed for rugged, portable use by plant operators.



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